• 2018-11-06
    Recently, JINHUAN HANDAN has won Jiangning Railway Bridge Project. It is an introverted-typed arch bridge with 120-meter span for the main bridge. The main material is Q345qD, and largest welding thickness is 18 mm.
  • 2018-11-06
    On August 31th, 2018, the well-known air gallery project in Wuhan City finished its final closure. This project is shaped as the Chinese character ‘回’ with the total building area of 696,000 sqm. Additionally, the total steel consumption is over...
  • 2018-11-05
    It is reported that ZTSS has successfully won the bridge project in Jinji Buzz of Suzhou. The whole length of this project is 15.7 km, while Q345qD is used in this project. The steel consumption of this project is about 3,200 tons.
  • 2018-11-05
    It is reported that CSCEC Second Bureau has successfully won the International Machinery City Convention Center in Changchun City. The total investment of this project is 3 billion RMB, while its total building area is about 236,000 sqm.
  • 2018-05-06
    Recently, the steel structural part of Zhonghai Project undertaken by BAOSTEEL successfully capped. It contains 2 tower buildings and a podium building with the height of 228.7 m and the total construction area of 228,000 sqm.
  • 2018-05-02
    Recently, Capital Loop Line Bridge Project by Tianjin Zhongji has been fabricated as scheduled. This project covers Jingha Highway, Jingqin Highway, Beiyunhe Viaduct Bridge and Ramp. The total engineering quantity of this project is 10,600 tons.
  • 2018-04-24
    It is reported that ZTSS has won the 2nd Chongqing Yangtze River Project. The total length of this bridge is 1,401 m, its total investment is 1.528 billion RMB, and its total steel consumption is 11,860 tons.
  • 2018-04-15
    Qatar Foundation Stadium; main steel structure weighs about 7,000 tons with 40,000 seats; it contains clinics, swimming centers, bicycle venue, surfing, rock climbing, etc.; it adopts the style of Islam architecture.
  • 2018-03-15
    It is reported that TECC gained its first PPP project for municipal infrastructure. This project is located in Xinjiang Province, while its total investment is about 460.86 million RMB. It will be completed on Oct., 15, 2018.
  • 2018-03-08
    It is reported that JIN HUAN has successfully signed the construction contract of South Part of Zhonghua Street (section II) in Shijiazhuang City. The total investment of this project is about 118 million RMB.
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